Why do you like my photo shoots?!

I'm diligent

At photo sessions, I always try to work out the image 100% so that the photos are beautiful))


My photo sessions are always done by professional photographers.
You will not see photos on my phone in poor quality))


I love aesthetics in everything, including in my photos.
They are just nice to look at))

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My parents and my PR Director help me run my blog. In my blog, you will not find naked or Topless photos even for a paid subscription! It's forbidden, and I don't break any laws! The goal of my blog is to tell you about my life as a model, share beautiful photos with you, and raise funds for my dream trip to Disneyland. After that, I want to raise funds to pay for the Institute in the future. By subscribing to my blog you understand that you are not paying for goods or services. You make a voluntary donation. After making a donation, by accessing the content, you understand that this content belongs to me. You do not have the right to replicate, distribute, sell, donate, display publicly, etc.my content. The content of my blog is intended only for private home viewing. The copyright holders of my blog content are my parents, myself, and my representatives represented by the PR Director. You understand that your donations and financial support are entirely voluntary. If you are not ready to make any donations, then you can safely leave this blog. I will use all your funds to achieve my dream, as well as to organize and conduct new photo sessions for you.
Thank you for reading to the end))

Thank you for reading to the end))

With love, Kristi


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